• The Bronze Dagger & The Stolen Jewels

    The new, revised version of The Bronze Dagger has arrived! Get this adventurous story of Samsuluna (Sam) as he and his teen friends travel throughout Ancient Mesopotamia during the time of King Hammurabi. Teaching resources are available, including Accelerator Reader questions. Great for ages 9-13.  Available in paperback and hardback.

  • Happy New Year

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I never want these days of family, food, and fun to end, but they always do as I post a new calendar on the kitchen wall. Here’s our family Christmas pic. Jon and Rachel are in CA, but we included them in the family photo. Didn’t want …[ read more ]

  • Thanksgiving Blog

    Underground Scouts, a WW2 historical novel about the Scouts’ efforts to help push the Germans out of Warsaw in 1944, will hopefully appear before Christmas.

  • Good News Update – August, 2022

    Good Gnus or Fake Gnus?

  • Contests and Prizes

    Free prizes for you! Thanks so much for your interest in adventurous middle grade and young adult historical fiction. As you know, book 2 in my Whitcomb Discoveries series came out in March. I’ve shared Video Scene Reveals on my Facebook Author Page  of places I visited in CA that relate to the book. Prizes …[ read more ]