How to Survive & Thrive in 2021

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

Some people like to pick a theme for the year. This year I joined in and chose “FORWARD” as my touchstone. I plan to take small steps each day that will focus my energies on the goal of optimal health. I’ll make daily decisions to improve habits in these four areas: what I eat, sleep, think, and do. I believe these steps will enable me to survive and thrive in 2021.

To help move me forward, I’ve created a calendar template. Each month I’m going to write a theme word relating to my overall goal of optimal health. Each month I will find words (a quote, Scripture, poem) that relate to my theme. I will also choose specific music to inspire daily decisions that will move me towards my goal. The music will relate to my chosen calendar picture for the month. Finally, I will select one to four challenge words delineating areas in which I plan to make changes throughout the month.

Want to join me? Below is a screenshot of the calendar page I created for January. I can send you blank templates that you can personalize. If you want to join me in the goals I’ve chosen, I’ll send you digital copies of what I’ve created for January and February. Click below to get both January and February. That’s it. Short and sweet. However, if you’d also like an inspirational message explaining why I chose the specific pictures for the months’ headings, I’ll also include a link to a blog post explaining the meaning behind the images and how they relate to my month’s theme, words, music, and challenge.

Some are abandoning Facebook for other networking platforms. Whatever social media platforms I continue to use, I don’t want to lose contact with you. Signing up for my bi-monthly calendar pages will ensure I have your email. Like me, you probably have a hard time weeding through tons of emails each week (day?). But goals are important. If you’d like to get a bi-monthly digital copy of these calendar pages let me know. That’s only one email every two months. Six for the year.

I hope you decide to join me! Sign up by clicking here.

Here’s a screenshot and teaser about the photos I used on my January calendar page. The middle photo shows Napoleon’s army in 1812 as they flee Russia after their failed invasion. They had to leave many cannons behind. See the one stuck in the snow? It’s been said the Russians came out and used these cannons to attack the French as they fled. This month I’m going to turn some of my defeats into victories. To find out how the other two photos relate to my January theme and habit focuses, check out my January Calendar Blog.




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