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Reflection. Struggle. Change. Dawn. These words embody the focus of the March Motivational Calendar Page. The images and selected musical piece linked at the top of the March page are inspired by Dawn on the Moscow River. As we listen to the music and glance at the pictures for the month, it will help us focus on this month’s goal of continuing to establish healthy changes—in spite of the struggle.

Dawn on the Moscow River is the opening of Khovanshchina, an opera by Modest Mussorgsky. The opera laments Russia’s struggle when, between 1682-1694, they suffered “not because of a foreign enemy, but because of fragmentation within.” Listening to Dawn on the Moscow River can remind our souls to embrace moments of reflection, struggle, change, and new dawns, even when it’s difficult—even when we feel like we’re fragmenting from within.

February’s calendar theme was “moving forward.” We focused on taking at least one small, doable step toward improving either a spiritual, mental, physical, or relational area of our lives.

As I ticked off February’s days, I often glanced at the two pictures at the top of that month—a donkey pulled by a rope, and a donkey overlooking the Grand Canyon. I also listened to February’s musical piece, On the Trail, from the Grand Canyon Suite. The images and music helped me focus on my February goal, “Moving Forward.”

When I struggled to move forward in my monthly goals for February—making “lean and green” meals every night, riding my exercise bike every day, and meeting with a group of friends for a Bible Study each week, I reflected on the picture on the left—a donkey led by a rope, and then the donkey on the right as it overlooked a magnificent view of the Grand Canyon. My goals served as my rope, tugging me forward. Listening to the music and glancing at the pictures reminded me that, even though making positive changes in life isn’t easy, it’s worth it.


There were days, however, when, like a stubborn donkey, I didn’t want to be led by the rope of my newly established physical and spiritual habits. I struggled to make those positive, uncomfortable changes. For example, on several days, I chose not to ride my exercise bike. It wasn’t because I didn’t have time. I just didn’t want to.


This month, when we feel like “sitting on our haunches,” We can hit the play button on Dawn on the Moscow River. We can allow its melodious strains to touch our souls with images of reflection, struggle, change, and dawn. As we allow the words of Frederick Douglass to wash over us—If there is no struggle, there is no progress—it will urge us forward toward a more vibrant lifestyle.

In spite of the struggle, let’s choose to make progress. Let’s not step back into the safety and comfort of the familiar. Let’s to put into practice the words of King Solomon: “There is a season for everything … a time to tear, and a time to mend” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7, ISV). This month, let’s encourage each other to reflect on the healthy changes we’ve put into place as we embrace the struggle, chisel away at unhealthy habits, and press on toward a new dawn.

  1. What new changes have you put in to motion?
  2. What struggles have you faced as you’ve implemented these changes?
  3. What ideas can you share to help spur us forward?

Please share!

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