• The Alabaster Jar

    Thanks to my wonderful husband and also to a very good writing friend, I will soon purchase an authenticated ancient Egyptian alabaster jar that dates from the time period of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, c. 2061 – 1803 BC. I recently forwarded the completed manuscript of book two in the Ancient Elements series, The Alabaster Jar, …[ read more ]

  • Turning the Tide of Hope

    In David Bunn’s new book, The Turning, (March 25, 2014) Bunn grapples with an issue pertinent for our day – hope. His flawed yet heroic protagonists and his almost empathetic, yet soul-darkened antagonists had me identifying with both, and turning pages long after the time I had allotted myself to read. The Turning made me look …[ read more ]

  • What Is Your Gorilla Today?

    When I was younger I used to have recurring dreams of a gorilla-suited man trying to break into our house.  I’d run around and lock all the entrances, usually forgetting the glass patio door. When I did remember, the faulty latch wouldn’t hold. I’d freeze in fear as I stood face to face with the hairy …[ read more ]

  • Stink Bomb

    Today I’m interviewing one of my critique group members, Rick Crawford, a.k.a. Ricky Bruce. At last night’s critique group he handed me a copy of his newly released book, Stink Bomb. It’s always an exciting moment (kind of like a midwife?) when fellow-writers see their first copy of a book they helped critique. I decided …[ read more ]

  • Free Book Offer!

    Post a review of The Bronze Dagger on by November 20 to have a chance to get a free copy! Just email me at, or, supplying me with your name and address after posting the review, and I will randomly pick one person from among those who submit reviews by November 20!