• Interviewed by Historical Romance Writer, Sara Turnquist – Giveaways Involved!

    Today I was interviewed by historical romance writer, Sara Turnquist. Check out the interview at and enter to win a free copy of either The Bronze Dagger or Rising Hope. Don’t wait! The Giveaway ends April 25.

  • Writing Is Hard Work!

    I ‘ve always had a dream to write. Now I get to do it full time. But I had no idea it was such HARD work! Here are two examples – learning how to use conduplicatio and alliteration to create compelling cadences. Let me back up. I met Margie Lawson, an amazing writing coach, at a conference last September. She …[ read more ]

  • The Girls in the Picture

      Today I spoke with author Melanie Benjamin, a NY Times bestselling author of historical fiction. Two of her recent works include The Girls in the Picture and The Swans of Fifth Avenue. Asking for her #1 tip on writing historical fiction, she said, “Write to entertain. Connect with readers on issues in the past that resonate in the present.” Benjamin’s latest …[ read more ]

  • Authors Learning from Art

    I just read an enlightening article by fiction author Annie Weatherwax. She claims to have learned everything she knows about writing by studying art. She posted five pictures and then pointed out what they have in common. The blog intrigued me because I haven’t formally studied art. Can you figure out what these images have …[ read more ]

  • Yosemite Discovered – Sneak Peak

    My New Year’s goal is to complete my current work in progress, Yosemite Discovered, and find an agent to market it. What is it about? Here’s a sneak preview When miners and Indians clash in the goldfields, more is discovered than just Yosemite Valley. I recently created an audio file of what I’ve written to date …[ read more ]