• Turkey’s Border Crisis

    This week I’ve continued work on the third book of the Ancient Elements series, The Phoenician Coin, as the main character, Sam, nears his goal of finding his Uncle Zim in Tyre. Sam’s father, Dagon, also takes further steps toward his goal of seeking revenge on Sam and Sam’s uncle (Dagon’s brother) for the misfortunes …[ read more ]

  • Free Books for School Libraries

    A friend recently emailed me with this picture taken in her school’s library to show that Rising Hope and The Bronze Dagger were available for their students to check out. I decided to offer a book of one or both titles to the first eight schools that  request them for their school libraries. Just send in a request …[ read more ]

  • Bringing the Past to Life – Attack on the Ancient City of Palmyra

    Friday, 5/15/15 This morning when I read this news post about the ancient city of Palmyra, I felt as though someone punched me in the stomach: Islamic State fighters on Thursday reached the outskirts of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, one of the most important cultural heritage sites in the Middle East.“If I.S. enters Palmyra, it will spell …[ read more ]

  • Ancient City of Palmyra

    Six months ago, the name Palmyra meant nothing to me, but, since December, I’ve so entrenched myself in researching this area that my visceral reaction took my breath away.

  • He Brought the Past to Life for Me

    My writing tag is “Bringing the Past to Life”. That’s my passion, and I do it through historical fiction. Last week, however, I got a call from Julian Kulski, a man now well into his eighties, who was a Boy Scout in Warsaw, Poland during WWII and helped fight against the German occupiers of Warsaw at the …[ read more ]