• “W” Hour – The Warsaw Uprising

    At 5pm Saturday, August 1, people in Poland will celebrate the 76th anniversary of Warsaw’s Uprising during WWII. Sirens will blare and people will stop what they’re doing for one minute in remembrance of past heroes who gave their all for Poland’s freedom in 1944. Thursday night I read a chapter of my revised version …[ read more ]

  • Artemis Fowl, the Book and the Movie

    Do you ever wish your novel might someday be made into a movie? Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl, had to wait 19 years for it to happen! Although the movie had mixed reviews, my husband loved this sci-fi adventure when we watched it last night on the Disney Channel. I remember my 6th-grade students …[ read more ]

  • Five Reasons to Encourage the Youth in Your Life to Read Good Historical Fiction

    What is good historical fiction? Why should we encourage students to read it? According to an article by The Atlantic, good historical fiction avoids the promotion of myths and stereotypes. It also presents individuals—both fictional and historical, as they are, neither all good nor all bad. Most of all, good historical fiction provides a compelling …[ read more ]

  • Special Offer

    Middle grade historical fiction book on sale – “The Silver Coin”, book 3 of the Ancient Elements series.

  • COVID-19: Ten Tips to Fight Fear and Hopelessness

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the shortages and staggering needs caused by the current pandemic. Fear breeds hopelessness. One of the best ways to stem the tide of fear and hopelessness is to find ways to help others. We can’t do everything, but we can all do at least one thing. Here are ten …[ read more ]