• Stopping a Sin in Midair

    I can stop a sin in midair, when, in His power, I identify and exchange the lies of the world for the truth of His Word.

  • A “God” Moment

    Yesterday, Mark and I had one of those amazing “God” moments. One of those moments that can only be explained as God reaching into your life, reminding you He’s there and cares about you in a very personal way. Yesterday morning, Mark and I visited Chuck Swindoll’s church in Frisco, TX. The first time we …[ read more ]

  • Spy Research

    To jump-start spy research for my next novel, tentatively titled A Door of Hope, I’m watching the AMC series, Turn – Washington’s Spies. It centers around the Revolutionary War’s Culper Spy Ring. While maintaining historical accuracy, the drama creates amazing character arcs, injects just enough fiction to keep you on the edge of your seat as …[ read more ]

  • Final Chapter Written!

    A rejection often has nothing to do with our plot, characters, or story structure. It’s a lack of fresh writing.

  • The Alabaster Jar Novel – Audio and Book Sale

    The first three audio chapters of The Alabaster Jar are available today for free at this link.