• New Book in the Works!

    This month I began work on a new historical YA novel, “Prepared to Spy.” If you know Polish survivors of the Cold War I can interview, please contact me!

  • March Calendar Page

    This month, when we feel like “sitting on our haunches,” We can hit the play button on Dawn on the Moscow River. We can allow its melodious strains to touch our souls with images of reflection, struggle, change, and dawn.

  • Moving Forward – February Calendar Page

    The picture for February’s calendar page shows a donkey pulled by a rope, and another overlooking the Grand Canyon. How did the donkey in the second picture come to gaze on this beautiful view? One step at a time. My theme for February is “Moving Forward.” I’ve come kicking and screaming into this new year …[ read more ]

  • How to Survive & Thrive in 2021

    Some people like to pick a theme for the year. This year I joined in and chose “FORWARD” as my touchstone. I plan to take small steps each day that will focus my energies on the goal of optimal health. I’ll make daily decisions to improve habits in these four areas: what I eat, sleep, …[ read more ]

  • January Calendar Blog

    Below is a screenshot of my January calendar page. If you’ve discovered this blog page, you’ve probably signed up for my bi-monthly calendar pages by providing me your email. If not, click this link to sign up. Usually, I’ll send you one email with two calendar pages every other month. Since I’m off to a …[ read more ]