• Chase Your Dreams

      A few weeks ago I had the privilege of talking with middle school students about how to chase their dreams. This week I received some wonderful notes from them. One student shared, “I really enjoyed your presentation and was inspired by your stories. I loved how you talked about our dreams and how we …[ read more ]

  • Yosemite Trip

    In May I had the wonderful opportunity to take a five-day class with six other writers at Yosemite, led by writing “guru,” Margie Lawson. I learned much that I hope to apply to my my continued writing of Yosemite Discovered, my current historical fiction work-in-progress. While in California, I found many of the sites where my …[ read more ]

  • Interviewed by Historical Romance Writer, Sara Turnquist – Giveaways Involved!

    Today I was interviewed by historical romance writer, Sara Turnquist. Check out the interview at and enter to win a free copy of either The Bronze Dagger or Rising Hope. Don’t wait! The Giveaway ends April 25.

  • Writing Is Hard Work!

    I ‘ve always had a dream to write. Now I get to do it full time. But I had no idea it was such HARD work! Here are two examples – learning how to use conduplicatio and alliteration to create compelling cadences. Let me back up. I met Margie Lawson, an amazing writing coach, at a conference last September. She …[ read more ]

  • The Girls in the Picture

      Today I spoke with author Melanie Benjamin, a NY Times bestselling author of historical fiction. Two of her recent works include The Girls in the Picture and The Swans of Fifth Avenue. Asking for her #1 tip on writing historical fiction, she said, “Write to entertain. Connect with readers on issues in the past that resonate in the present.” Benjamin’s latest …[ read more ]