• Rizzoli and Isles meets Sontag

    This week I met an author whose series of novels inspired a successful TV drama that spanned 7 seasons with a total of 105 episodes. The author was Tess Gerristen, and her series of medical crime thrillers inspired the TV show, Rizzoli and Isles. Gerristen shared thoughts on what has inspired her writing and how …[ read more ]

  • The W Plot

    “Your islands must become continents. They can’t stay as islands and create a book.”

  • The Lines between Past and Present Fade

      Today I read in the news that, “Several days of civil unrest have rocked Poland as hundreds of thousands of people across the country protest the government’s bid to replace Supreme Court judges and the EU threatens to intervene.” My YA historical fiction novel, Rising Hope, tells the story of six Polish teens who …[ read more ]

  • Sleuthing & Subtext

    I just read two thought-provoking articles that shared gems I hope to employ in writing the first draft of my next novel’s first chapter – hopefully by this weekend! One article discussed what the mantra of “show don’t tell” actually means. The writer boiled it down to the concept of “sleuthing” – creating scenes where …[ read more ]

  • Reunion and Research Trip

    I’m back in CA for a short trip to attend a reunion, and thought I’d do some more research for my next novel while here. Yesterday I spent several hours at San Jose CA’s MLK library in the California Room. I hunted down more information regarding one of the historical characters that will appear in …[ read more ]