• Barnes & Noble Event, Saturday, August 17, 2019

    Saturday, August 17 – Barnes & Noble Event Teachers and school librarians! Come meet local authors at the Hurst Barnes & Noble, 861 NE Mall Blvd., Hurst, TX. Books, games, music, movies, and more are 25% off! I will be there to sign The Bronze Dagger, The Alabaster Jar, The Silver Coin, and Rising Hope. Come join me!

  • The Back Surgery Saga

    As you may know, I had back surgery Nov. 28, 2018. After several weeks in rehab, I recovered enough to come home – but only for two days before an infection sent me back to surgery. Over the next several months, after a total of six surgeries to fight infections, pneumonia, (click the link to …[ read more ]

  • Back at It!

    After a five-month hiatus, I’m finally able to get back to writing. I had back surgery on November 28, 2018, and wasn’t able to get back home until March 15, 2019, due to complications. At one point, my husband called family and friends to let them know the doctors feared I might not survive, and …[ read more ]

  • A Personal Note for November 11

    What does November 11 mean to you? Here in America, we celebrate November 11 as Veterans Day—a day to commemorate all American veterans. Here’s a picture of my dad and mom (when she was his fiancée) before he shipped out to join the fight during WWII. She didn’t know if he’d come back. Fortunately for us, …[ read more ]

  • Yosemite Discovered Is Finished (Not) – Why I Love Writing Historical Fiction

      I love writing historical fiction. I just completed the first draft of my next novel, tentatively titled, Yosemite Discovered. It’s been a labor of love spanning two years of research. Now comes the hard part—executing a deep edit my manuscript and securing an agent to find a publisher. Since Yosemite Discovered will be my fifth …[ read more ]