The Alabaster Jar Novel – Audio and Book Sale

Thursday, October 10th, 2019     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

The first three audio chapters of The Alabaster Jar are available today for free at this link. Also, for a limited time, Amazon has made this middle-grade historical fiction paperback available at half price. Check the hyperlinks to listen and to order.


The Alabaster Jar is book 2 in the Ancient Elements series, written especially for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who want to introduce middle school students to an adventurous historical fiction read about life in Ancient Mesopotamia during the time of King Hammurabi. To order in bulk from the publisher, check out this link. Teacher guides and discussion questions are also available.

Also for a short time, an audio of the first three chapters of book one in the Ancient Elements series, The Bronze Dagger, will be available here.

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