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    Contact Dr. Sontag to book an author visit. Here is a list of student topics she has addressed.

    Ancient Tales and Western Trails

    Author Marie Sontag brings the past to life, one adventure at a time. Sharing a few of her character’s adventures from her middle-grade historical fiction series, Ancient Elements, this former middle school teacher also treats listeners to a hands-on experience with authenticated artifacts of a bronze dagger from the time of Hammurabi, an alabaster jar from ancient Egypt, and a Phoenician silver coin.

    Her western trails series, The Whitcomb Discoveries, written for middle-grade and young adult readers, features both fictional and historical characters as they travel the Oregon and California Trails, eventually leading to their entry into Yosemite Valley.

    How can these ancient tales and western trails impact today’s readers? Bringing the past to life through adventurous stories from another time and place opens readers’ minds to new perspectives as well as the realization that we’re not so different from others—whether we’re separated by time, distance, or culture.

    Dubbed a literary archeologist, Dr. Sontag helps young readers unearth facts and ideas from the past that have implications for the present and possibilities for the future.

    1. Inspiration and Motivation – How Do We Find Them?
      – Example of Ryan Murphy, Three-time Olympic gold medalist
      – What inspiration and motivation means, and how I find these for my writing
      – How students can find and maintain inspiration and motivation
    2. The Writing Process – Like Baking a Cake!
      – What’s involved in the fiction writing process
      – Personal writing-process examples
      – Tips for students when writing fiction
    3. Dreams Are Like Hard Boiled Eggs
      – How I pursued my childhood dream of becoming an author
      – Help students identify dreams they have
      – Motivate students to pursue their dreams