Clay Tablets and Mari Spies: Book 3 of the Ancient Elements Series

Series: Ancient Elements

Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

Current Status: Editing

While Sam (Samsuluna) and Amata experience adventures in Egypt, Crete, Cyprus, and Phoenicia, their friend Enlil remains in Babylonia to help with his parents’ bakery. When punching down batches of dough doesn’t provide Enlil with the adventure he longs to see, he teams up with a new friend, Deebee, to defeat Mari spies infiltrating Babylon.

Enlil and Deebee steal a golden seal, decode Mari clay tablets, and leave deceptive tablet message of their own. Will they bring down the spy of Mari spies, or will their adventures lead to disaster?

This book is still in the writing process. The placeholder for a future cover shows the image of a small scroll, enlarged to see what it looks like when pressed and rolled onto a moist clay slab.

Enlil’s Adventures – Clay Tablets and Mari Spies will become book 4 of the Ancient Elements series. Can you guess what ancient artifact Dr. Sontag hopes to add to her ancient element artifacts of a bronze dagger, alabaster jar, and silver coin?


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