Door of Hope

Series: Warsaw Rising Trilogy

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

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Book two of the Warsaw Rising Trilogy,  Door of Hope, follows the fictional characters of Tadzio and his father, spies during the Cold War. As part of NIE, a resistance group fighting against the newly installed  Communist government in Poland, they work to keep Poland’s hope for freedom alive. Nie means “no” in Polish. This name was used as the abbreviation for the resistance group’s full name, Niepodległość, which means resistance.

Book Research

After the war ended, Soviet Russia installed a communist government in Poland that sought to eliminate all remaining Scouts who fought in the Rising (see book one, Rising Hope). In addition to Tadzio and his father, Magdalena, Benyameen, Yacob and Lucyna play a role in book two alongside historical characters from this time period such as Witold Pilecki, codename Roman, Fr. Waclaw KarlowiczTadeusz Bor-Komorowski, codename Bor, and Leopold Okulicki, codename Bear. The images shown here for books two and three are space holders until covers are designed for these books.

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