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Undercover Scouts – a WWII Novel

Available: January 9, 2023

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Series: WWII Rising Hope Series, Book #1

Page Count: 298

ISBN: 978-1-957344-39-3

Undercover Scouts tells the story of six teens who, through loss, find hope as they fight against the Germans when their troops join forces with the Underground Army during the 1944 Warsaw Rising.

Here you’ll find a book trailer, maps, pictures of the characters in the book, and an  interview I had with Halina Butler, a Girl Guide during the Warsaw 1944 Rising. She worked with other Scouts who fought against the Germans, and eventually joined the Polish Underground Army’s Zośka Battalion. I met Halina at a Polish festival in California. Halina learned of the book and later invited me to her house for tea. She was actually a member of the Zośka Battalion that I researched and wrote about in Underground Scouts. She went by the codename Halszka.

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    Reviews Are In for Undercover Scouts – a WWII Novel
  • "This is an homage to all Polish teenagers who fought the German evil so bravely during WWII. A must read."Julian KulskiAuthor of The Color of Courage, and a Polish Scout during WWII, son of the Polish may of Warsaw
  • "With a unique set of characters, Sontag's book transfers readers into the atmosphere and situation in Poland during 1939-1945. It is written with passion for the events and reveals the author's respect and compassion for the people and the disastrous events that transpired."Aleksandra Ziolkowska-BoehmAuthor of Kaia, Heroine of the 1944 Warsaw Rising

    Behind the Scenes

Undercover Scouts – a WWII Novel Excerpt

Last year when the family vacationed with Grandfather at the summerhouse, the elderly man had said, “Although my Great Uncle Tadeusz was sent to Siberia, his family evaded Russian capture because they hid in this summerhouse. This is a very special place for our family.” That was the first time Grandfather ever shared this tidbit of family history with him. A month later, Grandfather died.

Tadzio couldn’t help but think that history was now repeating itself. This time, it was the Germans who sought to take away Poland’s freedom. And now, he and his family had sought refuge at the summerhouse.

Tadzio glanced at Magdalena. She stood next to the piano with her chin resting on her violin, her bow drawn across her strings, and her elbow raised in anticipation of Tadzio’s downbeat.

After nodding his head twice, the magic began.

Magdalena’s lilting melody and Tadzio’s restful two-four rhythm transformed the room into a unity of emotion for the fatherland of Poland.

Of a yearning for freedom.

Of love.

Of family.

Of everything good in life.

And, for one brief moment, it eased the painful knowledge that the enemy, like inky mists of darkness, now crept across the forest floor, seeking to snatch it all away.