Yosemite Trail Discovered

Series: The Whitcomb Discoveries

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Current Status: Editing

100% Complete • 89000 out of 89000 words

Yosemite Discovered

A teen who witnesses injustices between both whites and Indians while working in the California goldfields searches for a way to bring peace as he rides with the Mariposa Battalion into the Yosemite Valley, becoming one of the first whites to discover the hidden tribal grounds of the fierce Yosemite Indians.

(Note: The cover shown here is a mock-up. An official cover will not be available until the book is published.)


An Inside Look at Yosemite Trail Discovered

Jim reminded Daniel, "You can't possess what you can't protect." Daniel knew this applied to both the Indians and the whites.

Book Research


When I visited CA in May 2018 to do more research for Yosemite Trail Discovered, I found the location of my historical person’s first trading post in Big Oak Flat. This is where chapter 1 takes place. I also visited several other sites of Jim Savage’s trading posts, as well as Yosemite National Park.

More research videos can be found at:
Chapter 1: Big Oak Flat Trading Post, video of the “Big Oak” at Big Oak Flat; Mark Twain-Bret Harte Trail Historical Landmark #406; Big Oak Flat-Historical Landmark #206
Chapter 2: San Juan Bautista;  Crazy Horse Canyon, Battle of Natividad; video of the historical marker for the battle; the battle location
Chapter 3: Daniel visits the Reeds in Pueblo de San José
Chapter 4: Colton Hall, Monterey, CA – the site of California’s Constitutional Convention
Chapter 8: Guadalupe River, San Jose, CA;  Picnic site with Virginia and Daniel
Chapter 10:  Wood’s Crossing; Wood’s Creek; video of Wood’s Creek – near Jamestown, CA
Chapter 11: Savage Trading Post; South Fork of the Merced River;  author at South Fork trading post
Chapter 13: Daniel meets Virginia at Roberto Suñol’s home in Pueblo de San José 
Chapter 14: Merced River flowing out of Yosemite
Chapter 15: Road from Mariposa to Jim’s Merced River Trading Post
Chapter 15: Agua Fria Trading Post site today; Historical pictures of Agua Fria
Chapter 27: Mariposa/Agua Fria to Yosemite – path of the Mariposa Battalion with Major James Savage
Chapter 29: Yosemite Meadows – Valley Floor of the “Gaping Mouth”; landscape view of Cascade Falls; portrait view of Cascade Falls

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