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Yosemite Trail Discovered

Available: March 5, 2022

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Series: Whitcomb Discoveries, Book #2

Page Count: 285

ISBN: 9781957344034

1st Place Winner of the 2022  Angel Awards for YA Historical Fiction!

Join sixteen-year-old Daniel Whitcomb as he juggles a growing relationship with Virginia Reed, one of the survivors of the Donner Party, helps his Miwok friend learn how to read and write, and manages the account ledgers for his guardian, Jim Savage, at his trading posts in the California gold fields.

Is Jim correct when he says, You can’t possess what you can’t protect? Does that justify fighting the Yosemites after they attack Jim’s posts, or the Mariposa Battalion’s entrance into Yosemite to rout out the Ahwahneechee? And will Daniel ever make it back to Illinois to solve the mystery of his parents’ deaths?

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    Reviews Are In for Yosemite Trail Discovered
  • Adventurous and historical, this delightful story is a page turner and engaging, providing a vivid reminder of the challenges of the Gold Rush era as the miners and settlers clashed with the Native Americans over resources. Daniel’s character was particularly enjoyable. He is human, kindhearted, and imperfect in a wonderful way. 11 He is introspective as he works through an internal struggle with past misdeeds and life decisions.Kim HammMiddle School Teacher, California
  • Yosemite Trail Discovered reveals much about the Gold Rush era, westward expansion, slavery, U.S. treatment of Native Americans, growth of California towns, and more. Best of all, it provides a gripping story. This YA historical novel will be an entertaining goldmine for young people, especially those learning about the origins of California as a state. Teachers will find it a useful tool.Colleen Peterson, PhDAuthor of Lucia’s Renaissance

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