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FUEL YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE SUCCESS: When Steven Spielberg was sixteen, his parents rented a movie theater so he could show a feature-length movie he had filmed. Spielberg sold tickets and in one night made back the $500 it cost him to film it. A childhood hobby may not lead to a future occupation, but parental encouragement provides children with the confidence to pursue dreams that will fuel their future success.

If your child shows an interest in writing, here are some places they can explore:

  1. Young Inklings –
  2. Resources for Young Writers –
  3. Forty Websites for Young Writers –
  4. Tips for Young Writers by Author Rick Riordan –
  5. Authors Teaching Young Writers –
  6. Writing Contests for Kids –

READ AS A FAMILY: Another important activity for children is to have parents and caregivers read to and with them. Here are tips explaining why it’s important to read aloud with your kids, and how to make it count:


Suggested Books:
Top 2019 Middle-Grade books selected by School Library Journal:

Top 2019 Young Adult books selected by School Library Journal

Books and tips for reluctant middle school readers

    What Others are Saying
  • Read below to see what others have said about visiting and hearing Marie speak.
  • California Trail Discovered: Marie breathes new life, intrigue, and hope into the familiar story of the Donner Party and the Western Movement. As Daniel's story is masterfully intertwined with history, he becomes a character I quickly begin rooting for. This story is a wonderful addition to the classroom collection of historical fiction. Teachers will love the STEM activities and recommended extensions.
    - Elementary STEAM teacher, Mary Pat Vargas

  • California Trail Discovered: This book contains history, literature, geography, and STEAM all in one. As a homeschool teacher, I appreciated how all of these subjects were woven together in one place, and as an avid reader, I loved that the lessons did not make this storyline feel awkward or forced. Pacing in this story was excellent, and character development was not sacrificed on behalf of action, as there was an abundance of both. I loved reading Daniel's story. I highly recommend it.
    - Homeschooling Mom, Richardson, TX, Rachel Summey

  • The Silver Coin: Sontag's final book of her Ancient Elements Series was an exhilarating conclusion to this Indian-Jones-like journey through the civilizations of the ancient middle eastern kingdoms. Students reading her books will effortlessly be educated, richly enhancing the core curriculum they are learning in their middle-school classes.
    - Library Media Clerk, Cupertino, CA, Jean Fujiki

  • The Alabaster Jar: A mesmerizing journey of good versus evil in one of history's greatest ancient cultures.
    - Santa Clara Unified School District Superintendent, CA, Nick Gervase

  • The Alabaster Jar: One of the best books I've ever read! This book will have you on the edge of your seat no matter how hard your heart is.
    - Middle-grade student, TX, Ian

  • The Bronze Dagger: A terrific book for kids who like adventure, and for parents who'd love their kids to learn a bit about history. Well-written, a lively main character who struggles with his failures and searches for hope. Here is a hero who is flawed but resourceful, and who can lead readers on an adventure involving bad guys, jewels, new friends, and making choices. A real winner!
    - Home-Schooling Mom, Karen Llewellyn

  • Rising Hope: Rising Hope is an homage to all Polish teenagers who fought the German evil so bravely during WWII. A must read.
    - Son of the Polish mayor of Warsaw, Julian Kulski was twelve when he joined Warsaw's fight against the Germans. - Julian Kulski

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