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FAMILY VACATIONS and READING: Read a book together as a family, then use or to make real-world connections with the book, characters and author! See the Waymarking (like Geocaching) category, Literary Book Marks for Families and start today. You can even plan a family vacation around one of the books found at the site! Create a “Flat Family” cutout and use this in your Waymarking picture when you find a site, if you don’t want to include a personal photo. Using a GPS (Smart Phone works fine), locate one of the sites related to your book, then log in your find online as you join others in this exciting family experience. If a Waymark doesn’t exist for your book, create your own by noting the site’s coordinates and entering in to the Waymarking category.


Interviews with middle grade and young adult authors –


Interested in Writing? During school visits, students interested in writing often ask me for resources that will foster their creativity and help them pursue a writing hobby. Here is a list of helpful links:

  1. Young Inklings –
  2. Resources for Young Writers –
  3. Forty Websites for Young Writers –
  4. Tips for Young Writers by Author Rick Riordan –
  5. Authors Teaching Young Writers –
  6. Writing Contests for Kids –
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  • I like your story about Samsuluna with his adventures. Thank you for coming to our school to share about the story and showing us the bronze dagger! It's really cool!

  • Thank you for coming on our class and sharing your information about your life with us. I really enjoyed your presentation and your book so thanks again!

  • Thanks so much for coming!! It was super fun to see you and get to touch the dagger! And thanks for autographing my book!


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