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California Trail Discovered

Available: October 15, 2020

Series: The Whitcomb Discoveries

Page Count: 148

ISBN: ISBN-10 : 1952474310

All Daniel Whitcomb wants is to get back to Illinois and find out who murdered his parents. He doesn’t want to travel the Oregon Trail with his guardian, Jim. He doesn’t want to be friends with twelve-year-old Virginia Reed from the Donner Party. And he certainly doesn’t want anything bad to happen to his little sister Hannah as they travel to California. Confronted by both good and bad Indians, good and bad whites, will he be able to protect Hannah on the long trek West? Will he discover the mystery behind his parents’ deaths? Will he ever find a real family again?

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  • Marie breathes new life, intrigue, and hope into the familiar story of the Donner Party and the Western Movement. As Daniel’s story is masterfully intertwined with history, he becomes a character I quickly begin rooting for. This story is a wonderful addition to the classroom collection of historical fiction. Teachers will love the STEM activities and recommended extensions. California Trail Discovered has universal appeal! Mary Pat Vargas , Elementary STEAM teacher, CA
  • This book contains History, Literature, Geography, and STEAM all in one! As a homeschool teacher, I appreciated how all of these subjects were woven together in one place, and as an avid reader, I loved that the lessons did not make the storyline feel awkward or forced. Pacing in this story was excellent, and the character development was not sacrificed on behalf of action, as there was an abundance of both. I loved reading Daniel's story; I highly recommend it! Rachel Summey, Homeschooling Mom, Richardson, TX Rachel Summey Homeschooling Mom, Richardson, TX
  • Marie Sontag once again displays her brilliant talent for storytelling in this book. The hardships, the endurance, the conflicts, plus the emotional depth of the characters all come to life in this wonderful tale of resilience and tenacity! This historical fiction is filled with rich detail and perfectly tuned for the middle-grade reader. It left me craving for more! Roberta Hendricks Reading Intervention Specialist – Pampa, TX
  • Sontag's Mediterranean world is a vivid one, and the story makes clear that even thousands of years ago, residents of the region were well traveled and knowledgeable about their realm . . . individuals looking for curriculum-based fiction may find the book a valuable tool. Kirkus Reviews
  • Sontag's final book of her Ancient Elements trilogy was an exhilarating conclusion to this Indiana Jones-like journey through the civilizations of the ancient middle eastern kingdoms. Students reading her books will effortlessly be educated, richly enhancing the core curriculum they are learning in their middle school classes. Jean Fujiki Library Media Clerk, Cupertino, CA
  • The Silver Coin is so visual throughout, using conversation to move the characters forward in this third book of Dr. Sontag’s trilogy. My sixth grade students love to read her books! Susan Peers Social Studies Teacher, San Jose, CA
  • The Alabaster Jar is filled with adventure, intrigue, mystery and Marie develops her characters with such depth and meaning. Cheryl Palos Amazon Reviewer


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