• Happy New Year

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I never want these days of family, food, and fun to end, but they always do as I post a new calendar on the kitchen wall. Here’s our family Christmas pic. Jon and Rachel are in CA, but we included them in the family photo. Didn’t want …[ read more ]

  • Thanksgiving Blog

    Underground Scouts, a WW2 historical novel about the Scouts’ efforts to help push the Germans out of Warsaw in 1944, will hopefully appear before Christmas.

  • Good News Update – August, 2022

    Good Gnus or Fake Gnus?

  • Contests and Prizes

    Free prizes for you! Thanks so much for your interest in adventurous middle grade and young adult historical fiction. As you know, book 2 in my Whitcomb Discoveries series came out in March. I’ve shared Video Scene Reveals on my Facebook Author Page  of places I visited in CA that relate to the book. Prizes …[ read more ]

  • On the Road Again

    Do you have travel plans this summer? Mark and I returned from our whirlwind book tour in CA at the end of April. We’re now in Ohio for our niece’s wedding and an Author Talk at a Christian school in Columbus, OH. One thought I shared with students this week came from a Hebrew proverb: …[ read more ]