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Underground Scouts – Book One of the WWII Rising Hope Series

Available: January 29, 2023

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Series: WWII Rising Hope Series, Book #1

Page Count: 314

ISBN: 978-1-957344-39-3

A Five-Star Reader’s Choice Award winner, Underground Scouts tells of six teens who, through loss, find hope as they fight against the Germans when their Scout troops join forces with the Underground Army during the 1944 Warsaw Rising.

Tadzio and Magdalena weren’t prepared for their Polish Scoutmaster’s challenge. Not until their parents disappeared.

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    Reviews Are In for Underground Scouts – Book One of the WWII Rising Hope Series
  • "This is an homage to all Polish teenagers who fought the German evil so bravely during WWII. A must read."Julian KulskiAuthor of The Color of Courage, and a Polish Scout during WWII, son of the Polish may of Warsaw
  • "With a unique set of characters, Sontag's book transfers readers into the atmosphere and situation in Poland during 1939-1945. It is written with passion for the events and reveals the author's respect and compassion for the people and the disastrous events that transpired."Aleksandra Ziolkowska-BoehmAuthor of Kaia, Heroine of the 1944 Warsaw Rising
  • "Polish and Polish American themes in English-language fiction for young readers are rare indeed.... Rising Hope informs her young readers about the tragic realities of life in Warsaw during the German occupation and extols the bravery of Polish resistance fighters, especially the very young, presenting their deep patriotism and their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Poland. At the same time, Sontag finds effective techniques to introduce her readers to Polish music and literature and the more distant past.... Marie Sontag's novel is an important addition to young adult literature in English." The Polish ReviewThe Polish Review
  • Underground Scouts "gives young readers a picture of Poland during the Nazi occupation and the everyday tragedies people endured trying to protect their homeland. The ugliness of war, brutality and violence is not minimized, nor is the bravery of the young fighters and their passion for Polish freedom." San Jose Mercury News
  • "Rising Hope is a thrilling young adult novel that tells the story of the Polish Scouts' involvement in the Warsaw Rising against the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1944. I recommend Rising Hope to all readers who enjoy a tale of stirring heroism in the face of overwhelming odds, where the lines between good and evil are clearly demarcated. Sarmatian Review
  • "Sontag successfully balances action-packed sequences with quiet and thoughtful moments." - Polish American JournalPolish American Journal
  • Everyone knows WW2 is a rough part of history. We 6 know about the casualties, the destruction, and the ho rors. Marie Sontag brings this hard-to-swallow pill to light as seen through the eyes of a youth living in Poland during those times. We see him growing up and witness the changes in his emotional build up—a brilliantly captured process of reaching maturity. An accelerated maturity. Underground Scouts teaches about life without the sugarcoating—a much better experience for readers than Hollywood productions. Although fiction, the book is so very real as it brings this history to life.Stanisław PiechowiczResident and native of Warsaw, Poland
  • Underground Scouts is a book that will be enjoyed by lovers of YA historical fiction. The characters are well-drawn. I feel like I would recognize them on the street if I saw them! As a parent and a bookseller, I appreciate that I can recommend this book to teens without hesitation or concern for objectionable content.Lori Hart Co-owner Story Finders Books -
  • Marie Sontag’s gifted ability to portray Scouts who experienced the pathos of Poland during the German invasion and occupation immerses readers in a world remote only to ours by the passing of time. Being part of Scouting for over 31 years, I have witnessed the same truths Underground Scouts brings to life. Caught canoeing once in a windstorm on a wilderness river with young Scouts led by my thirteen-year-old son, I discovered that character and obedience trumps physical ability and experience. Given extreme tribulations, most youthful hearts will faint, but call on a true Scout and there you will find bravery espoused in their oath, and loyalty that will vanquish any foe. Marie’s assiduous zeal for history discovers ordinary Scouts who indeed became extraordinary heroes.Paul ThrowerScoutmaster Troop 514, Southlake, Texas

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