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Contact Dr. Sontag regarding classroom visits, FaceTime/Skype talks, book club presentations, assembly speaking, questions regarding her books, or any other topics. She’d love to hear from you!

About the Author
Marie Sontag loves to bring history to life through historical fiction. With a BA in Social Science, and an MA and Ph.D. in education, she says teaching middle school for over 15 years has kept her young. Her middle grade series, Ancient Elements, takes place in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Bronze Dagger, The Alabaster Jar, and The Phoenician Coin. When on author visits, Dr. Sontag is always accompanied by her authenticated 3,500-year-old bronze dagger and alabaster jar, as well as her 2,300–old Phoenician coin.  Her YA historical fiction book, Rising Hope, places readers alongside Polish Boy Scouts and Girl Guides that helped the Polish Underground fight the Germans during WWII. Born in Milwaukee, WI, and having lived FOREVER in San Jose, CA, she currently makes her home North Richland Hills, TX.

Kirkus Review for The Phoenician Coin: “Sontag’s Mediterranean world is a vivid one, and the story makes clear that even thousands of years ago, residents of the region were well traveled and knowledgeable about their realm.  …individuals looking for curriculum-based fiction may find the book a valuable tool.”

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Author talks include:
     Inspiration and Motivation – How Do We Find Them?
 - Example of Ryan Murphy, Three-time Olympic gold medalist
 - What inspiration and motivation mean; how I find them for writing
 - How students can find and keep them

2.     The Writing Process – Like Baking a Cake!
- What’s involved in the fiction writing process
- Personal writing-process examples
- Tips for students on fiction writing

3.    Dreams Are Like Hard Boiled Eggs
- How I pursued my childhood dream to become an author
- Helps for students to identify their dreams 
- Motivation for students to pursue their dreams

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