California Trail Discovered

Series: The Whitcomb Discoveries

Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

Current Status: Editing

100% Complete • 27000 out of 27000 words

Note: The cover shown here is a mockup and not the official cover. One will not be created until the book is published.

Book 1 of the Whitman Discoveries Series follows thirteen-year-old Daniel as he travels West with his guardian in 1846. Having lost his parents in a mysterious fire that he believes was intentionally set, he vows that one day he’ll return to Illinois and bring the murderers to justice. First, however, he must survive the treacherous trek to California.


An Inside Look at California Trail Discovered

Chapter One - The Fire

February 10, 1846
Princeton Township, Bureau County, Illinois

Daniel flailed his arms and struggled to free himself from Morgan’s grasp. He stared at his childhood home, now engulfed in flames. “Let me go!” His voice cracked. “Ma and Pa are in there!”

Morgan Savage adjusted his grip around Daniel’s broad chest. “I already tried to get 'em out.” His voice came thick and heavy. “There was no way. Sorry, son.”

Daniel pounded on Morgan’s arms, but his father’s business partner held fast. Daniel’s breath came in short gasps as he watched a chain of neighbors pass water buckets up the hill from the creek behind his home. The full moon cast ghoulish shadows onto the ground while flames licked the sides of the house and billowed out the roof.

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