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  • Win a Copy of “California Trail Discovered!”

    Check out Installment #5 of “Pics and Clips from the Oregon Trail.” It’s part of my virtual tour from our recent trek across the Oregon Trail. The virtual tour highlights locations where characters in my upcoming historical fiction book, California Trail Discovered, stopped. If you are first to correctly answer a question from the above …[ read more ]

  • Trailer for “California Trail DIscovered” Released

    Would love to hear your comments on the newly-released book trailer for “California Trail Discovered.” https://vimeo.com/455557426 The book will be published next month by WordCraft Press, https://www.wordcrafts.net/marie-sontag/. This middle grade novel includes links to free S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. lessons teachers and homeschoolers can download and use along with this short novel, making it interactive for readers ages …[ read more ]