A “God” Moment

Monday, January 6th, 2020     Marie Sontag     One Comment

Yesterday, Mark and I had one of those amazing “God” moments. One of those moments that can only be explained as God reaching into your life, reminding you He’s there and cares about you in a very personal way.

Yesterday morning, Mark and I visited Chuck Swindoll’s church in Frisco, TX. The first time we personally heard Chuck Swindoll speak (we often heard him on the radio) was in 1981 when we visited his church in Fullerton, CA. I was pregnant with our first child at the time, and we were packed up and moving from San Bernardino, CA to San Jose, California. Mark and I had worked and met in San Bernardino in 1978, married in 1979, and wanted to hear Chuck Swindoll in person before we left for northern CA.

Yesterday at Dr. Swindoll’s church in Texas, he spoke on the same passage  (James 4:13-17) as he did when we heard him back in southern California in 1981. I gripped Mark’s arm when the passage for the day was announced, reminding him Swindoll had spoken on that passage when we heard him in 1981. We both began to bawl, and, of course, listened intently!

I remembered Dr. Swindoll’s sermon from back in 1981 because the passage talks about moving to a different city, making plans for your lives, yet realizing your life is just a vapor and, ultimately, that God is in control. In 1981, we were moving to a different city and making plans for our future together. It was as though we were moving into the 2nd quarter of our lives. Today, having moved to Texas, it’s like we’ve entered the 4th (retirement) quarter of our lives. Then, just as now, we needed the reminder that our lives are like a vapor, that we can devise our plans, but it’s the Lord who directs our steps. As we did thirty-nine years ago, we choose to allow Him to call the “plays”. We don’t always know the score, but we know who ultimately wins the game. Then, like now, we commit ourselves to His lordship in our everyday lives.

As an added bonus, after yesterday’s service, we talked with a woman in the lobby. She mentioned her name was Jeanne Hendricks, and that her husband had been a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. I asked, “You wouldn’t happen to be related to the former Professor Hendricks, would you?” She replied, “Why, yes. He was my husband.” Over the years, Mark and I also heard many taped talks by Dr. Hendricks, and once heard him speak at Mt. Hermon, CA. As with Dr. Swindoll, Dr. Hendricks also touched many lives, including his role as Chuck Swindoll’s seminary teacher and mentor.

What an amazing way to begin 2020!

Pre-service pipe organ music

Link to yesterday’s  string quartet and piano rendition of “Heaven Came Down”

Choir, piano, and string quartet, “Be Thou My Vision” – one of my favorite hymns!

Audio of Swindoll’s sermon, “God Is in Control”
(Start at 14:17 for the half focused on “Your life is a vapor”)


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