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Monday, January 15th, 2018     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

I just read an enlightening article by fiction author Annie Weatherwax. She claims to have learned everything she knows about writing by studying art. She posted five pictures and then pointed out what they have in common. The blog intrigued me because I haven’t formally studied art. Can you figure out what these images have in common?

Tension in Fiction
Weatherwax believes the common element underlying all iconic art is tension. “Tension is a primary component in all forms of art, achieved by the conflict between opposing elements. It’s the tension that holds our interest. In a masterpiece, the energy created by that tension reveals a universal truth. And a masterful artist does this without the viewer knowing it. She slips the message into our collective subconscious unnoticed.”

Read Weatherwax’s blog to unveil the artful elements of tension revealed in each of these images. I found a few on my own, but not all. Then, dear fiction writing friends, let’s strive to create masterful art as we encourage each other to weave this kind of universal-truth-revealing tension into all the stories we endeavor to pen.

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