Good News Update – August, 2022

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

Good News Update

With charges of “fake” news and “bad” news filling digital spaces, I thought I’d have some fun giving you good gnus – er – ah – good news!

One bit of good news is that my cataract surgery went well. I can see now without glasses. The bad news is, I still need glasses for long-distance (driving) and reading!

Another piece of good news is that our “adopted “ grandson Henry will join us  in TX for the next three weeks. He is 12, and from Warsaw, Poland. We hosted his dad for a year as a foreign exchange student in 1996. Henry arrives tomorrow, and we’re excited! We hope to show him fun places such as Six Flags, the Alamo, the Polish Heritage Center, and the ICR Discovery Center, to name a few. If you have other ideas of fun places near the DFW area, let us know.

I was on an author panel at the Burleson Library last week, and I will be a presenter at the Mid-Cities Teen Festival in October. I also hope to line up author events with homeschooling groups in my area this fall through entities such as the HEART of Texas. If your school or homeschooling co-op would like to invite middle-grade or young adult authors to share with your students about writing, click the icon below that looks like a paper airplane.

Have some good gnus? I’d love to hear it! (Or even bad gnus – I want to keep in touch!) You can always email me at

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