Holiday Presents?

Monday, November 20th, 2017     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

I recently took my grandson to see longhorns. We didn’t have to travel far–they are only about ten blocks from our home. I have such fun talking and playing with Noah. At two, he’s already a great conversationalist.

As the holidays draw near, I realize that the greatest gifts I can give and receive from others are not presents (although I do enjoy giving and receiving those), but rather presence. Life has slowed for us, now that we’ve moved from the Bay Area to Texas. We still keep busy, but my attitude has changed. Maybe that’s one of the gifts of being a grandparent. We can enter theirĀ world of make-believe, enjoy their presence as they live in the moment, and then have real-world discussions, answering their endless questions of “why?” (Noah recently asked me why rain was wet.)

I pray that your holidays will be filled with wonderful presence!
(Check out the links above to view short videos of my time with Noah!)

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