Final Chapter Written!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

Tonight I completed the last chapter of my work in progress, California Trail Discovered. The covers featured here are placeholders–“proof of concept” samples. A graphic designer will create the actual covers once the books are contracted by a publisher. I’m now sending out queries to potential agents.

Pictured with me is writing guru, Margie Lawson. As I send out and receive responses from agents, I recall the unique warning she gave at an immersion class last year regarding agent rejections. A rejection often has nothing to do with our plot, characters, or story structure. It’s a lack of fresh writing. We must ensure that our writing includes strong, descriptive verbs, body language that empowers characters’ emotions, rhetorical devices that lend a punch to a paragraph, and cadence that subtly makes a scene sing.

Stay tuned for the results!

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