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Thursday, June 11th, 2020     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

Looking for a fast-paced historical fiction adventure this summer? Try The Siver Coin, volume 3 of the Ancient Elements series by Dr. Marie Sontag, currently on sale for $6.08 from Amazon Premium.

Written with middle grade students in mind, Kirkus review says, “Sontag’s Mediterranean world is a vivid one, and the story makes clear that even thousands of years ago, residents of the region were well-traveled and knowledgeable about their realm . . . individuals looking for curriculum-based fiction may find the book a valuable tool.” — Kirkus Reviews

As one educator stated, “Sontag’s final book of her Ancient Elements trilogy was an exhilarating conclusion to this Indiana Jones-like journey through the civilizations of the ancient middle eastern kingdoms. Students reading her books will effortlessly be educated, richly enhancing the core curriculum they are learning in their middle school classes.” — Jean Fujiki, Library Media Clerk, Cupertino, CA

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