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Turn series imageTo jump-start spy research for my next novel, tentatively titled A Door of HopeI’m watching the AMC series, Turn – Washington’s Spies. It centers around the Revolutionary War’s Culper Spy Ring. While maintaining historical accuracy, the drama creates amazing character arcs, injects just enough fiction to keep you on the edge of your seat as you root for the flawed but courageous characters, and provides a satisfying balance between battles, intrigue, and love.

Spies series image

I’m also watching the series Spies as it unveils a tale about two Russian women during WWII who complete missions behind enemy lines to procure information or assets to serve their motherland (English subtitles provided). It’s insightful to view WWII from a different perspective. Both series have broadened my understanding of the spy world.

Between binge-watching these shows, I’m reading the few books available about Polish spies during the Cold War. Book two of my Warsaw Rising series will follow the main Scout characters from book one as WWII ends and the Cold War rushes in — Tadzio as he joins a Polish spy organization, and his sister, Magdalena, who remains in Warsaw scratching to survive under a Communist-influenced regime. Once I settle on a timeline and select the historical events that will best serve the book’s interest, I will put pen to paper, er, put fingers to the keyboard, and begin writing A Door of Hope. Thanks for following the next book’s journey!



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