The Back Surgery Saga

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

As you may know, I had back surgery Nov. 28, 2018. After several weeks in rehab, I recovered enough to come home – but only for two days before an infection sent me back to surgery. Over the next several months, after a total of six surgeries to fight infections, pneumonia, (click the link to see a short clip) and remove troublesome hardware, I finally returned home on March 15, 2019.

Below are links to a few short video clips regarding the saga of the long recovery journey. Most of the video and information come from the app, Telegram, that my son, Daniel, posted throughout this time so that everyone could get an update on what was happening. Most of the details shared there were unknown to me until after I recovered from my critical state and could once again join the living!

Thanks to all for their many prayers and well wishes. The recovery still continues as I now start a painful process of water therapy to strengthen my back muscles. Hopefully, before long, I’ll be able to shed my walker. I’m excited that my mind finally feels strong enough to get back to writing. I recently sent out query letters to agents for Yosemite Discovered, and am now working on a prequel.

You can read the saga of my recovery here.

Click the pic on the left to see a short clip of my ICU stint.









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