“W” Hour – The Warsaw Uprising

Saturday, August 1st, 2020     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

At 5pm Saturday, August 1, people in Poland will celebrate the 76th anniversary of Warsaw’s Uprising during WWII. Sirens will blare and people will stop what they’re doing for one minute in remembrance of past heroes who gave their all for Poland’s freedom in 1944.

Thursday night I read a chapter of my revised version for my YA historical novel, Rising Hope, to my critique group partners that related the announcement of “W” Hour to my story’s characters. The historical timing coinciding with today’s celebration in Poland seemed very significant to me!

With a goal of publishing a revised version of my 2015 novel to make it more relatable to a young adult audience, I’m also planning a new cover and name for the book–Soldier Scouts, Warsaw Rising Book One, with Spy Scouts–Warsaw Rising Book Two, to follow.

Book one follows fictional as well as historical Boy Scouts and Girl Guides as they join efforts with the Underground Army to rise up against the Germans. The book spans from September 1, 1939, the day of Germany’s invasion of Poland, to  Warsaws’ Rising on August 1, 1944. Book Two, Spy Scouts, will follow these characters as they keep aflame the hope of a free Poland during the years of the Cold War. Book Three, Solidarity Scouts, will trace these characters’ lives from 1989, the year Poland once again regained its place as a s free nation, to the present.

Today, a friend of ours in Poland, Basia, posted a picture from last year’s August 1 celebration. Her grandmother, who lived in Poland during WWII, sat on a bench with her great-granddaughter during that moment of silence. Basia wrote that, after the sirens marking “W” Hour  at 5 pm went silent, her grandmother simply related to her granddaughter, “It was horrible.”

If called upon, what price for freedom would we, here in the U.S., be willing to pay?

*W-Hour(Wybuch) Vee´-bookh – means “outbreak hour.”
*Click here to see an interview I had with a woman who was actually
part of the Zoshka Battalion I write about in Rising Hope.

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