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Monday, April 29th, 2019     Marie Sontag     Start the Conversation

After a five-month hiatus, I’m finally able to get back to writing. I had back surgery on November 28, 2018, and wasn’t able to get back home until March 15, 2019, due to complications. At one point, my husband called family and friends to let them know the doctors feared I might not survive, and many flew out to support us during the dark days, but, with prayer and the support of family and friends (and great doctors) we made it through!

I’ve now completed the Yosemite Discovered manuscript, my young adult historical fiction novel about how the whites “discovered” Yosemite. The next step is finding an agent. My dream is to publish with Scholastic, so we’ll see what happens! Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

To see pictures of the clothing, furniture, and locations I researched to envision the time period, check out my Pinterest board. To see videos from my Yosemite research last summer, check out the list below, or my works-in-progress Webpage.

Big Oak Flat Trading Post (Chapter 1)
Battle of Natividad (Chapter 2)
Colton Hall, Monterey, CA – the site of California’s Constitutional Convention (mentioned in Chapter 4)
Guadalupe River, San Jose, CA (Chapter 8)
Wood’s Creek near Jamestown, CA (mentioned in Chapter 10)
Savage Trading Post, Merced River (Chapter 11)
Merced River flowing into Yosemite (Chapter 14)
Road from Mariposa to Jim’s Merced River Trading Post (Chapter 14-15)
Agua Fria Trading Post (Chapter 15)
Yosemite Meadows – Valley Floor of the “Gaping Mouth” (Chapter 29)
Cascade Falls, Yosemite (Chapter 29) and

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