This webpage is for YOU — the reader, parent and classroom teacher. Here you’ll discover links to learning resources for the Ancient Elements series and for the Warsaw Rising series that relate to the Common Core social studies curriculum standards. 

    What Others are Saying
  • Read below to see what others have said about visiting and hearing Marie speak.
  • A terrific book for kids who like adventure, and for parents who'd love their kids to learn a bit about history. Well-written, a lively main character who struggles with his failures and searches for hope. Here is a hero who is flawed but resourceful, and who can lead readers on an adventure involving bad guys, jewels, new friends, and making choices. A real winner!

    Karen Llewellyn, Home-Schooling Mom
  • Thank you for your fun, friendly and information packed presentation. The students loved the story line, the in-class reading, the artifacts and of course, the freebies!

    We eagerly anticipate your next book in the series. Best wishes from the Lion's den

    Mr. Livingston, Classroom Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA
  • What a delightful way to learn about an ancient culture!

    Chuck Merritt, Principal, El Carmelo School, Palo Alto, CA
  • Dr. Sontag captures the Ancient Mesopotamia culture in a captivating tale of a young boy's survival. Armed with his lucky dagger, Sam sets out on an adventure where he encounters numerous challenges and foibles, leading him to a lesson in forgiveness. A great read!

    Dr. Donna Lewis, Educator: Assistant Superintendent, CA
  • I like your story about Samsuluna with his adventures. Thank you for coming to our school to share about the story and showing us the bronze dagger! It's really cool!

  • Thank you for coming on our class and sharing your information about your life with us. I really enjoyed your presentation and your book so thanks again!

  • Thanks so much for coming!! It was super fun to see you and get to touch the dagger! And thanks for autographing my book!