• Stink Bomb

    Today I’m interviewing one of my critique group members, Rick Crawford, a.k.a. Ricky Bruce. At last night’s critique group he handed me a copy of his newly released book, Stink Bomb. It’s always an exciting moment (kind of like a midwife?) when fellow-writers see their first copy of a book they helped critique. I decided …[ read more ]

  • Free Book Offer!

    Post a review of The Bronze Dagger on by November 20 to have a chance to get a free copy! Just email me at, or, supplying me with your name and address after posting the review, and I will randomly pick one person from among those who submit reviews by November 20!

  • A Writer’s Dream

    I have always dreamed of having the time to get away to the mountains to write for an extended period of time. The closest I’ve ever come was attending writers’ conferences at Mt. Hermon. Now I have been blessed with the use of a friend’s home in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the past month! A …[ read more ]